«Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.»

With this quote from Kofi Annan, former secretary-General of the United Nations, FEGIME Future opened their presentation of FEGIME’s brand new european initiative - the FEGIME Academy - at the congress in Budapest in May 2013.

The Academy’s mission was then clearly defined:

"to create and promote a rich environment of continuous high quality training for FEGIME's next generations of entrepreneurs, their employees and clients, in close cooperation with european preferred suppliers and National Organisations thus adding value to the relationship between FEGIME's wholesalers, clients and suppliers."

The strategic objectives of this project for our group are of fundamental importance:

•To invest in one of our most valuable assets – knowledge

•To contribute to business sustainability and profitability along the whole business chain

•To reinforce our strategic partnerships •To increase FEGIME brand awareness

•To reinforce the group’s unity

As well as the three target groups – FEGIME Future (next generation entrepreneurs), FEGIME employees and FEGIME clients – the four training areas are also defined:

 Products and Technology

 Management and Business

 Sales and Marketing

 Soft Skills


The focus and implementation will be different for each target group. 

For employees and clients, eLearning via our FEGIME platform will be the major medium at European level.  The platform is moodle-based and provides users with general and specific information, webinars, courses and tuition on each subject area as well as a discussion forum and web conference facilities. The courses’ menu is consistently growing either with the valuable contents our European Preferred Suppliers have provided us with or with tailor-made material developed for FEGIME by leading professionals or academics in their fields. Our contents are carefully revised, constantly updated and thus improved through our knowledge pipeline now set in place and fully operational.

As for the FEGIME Future group, for them the emphasis is on an Advanced Management Programme or in other words a "Pocket Master” in Business Administration. This programme launch Module was held in Amsterdam, in October 2013 creating an introductory event for FEGIME’s Advanced Management Programme - FAMP, and was attended by over 30 participants from 9 FEGIME countries – many of them totally new to the FEGIME Future group.

The FAMP contents are coordinated by top European Business Schools.  This annual, tailor-made management training programme officially began in October 2014’s and was held at Catholica’s Business School in Lisbon, Portugal for 5 working days. 

It is still not too late for FEGIME Future members – or those who would still like to join the group – to take part in the programme. 

Contact FEGIME Head Office and join us at Bocconi in Milan, Italy, in October 2015 or at Ashridge, London, UK in October 2016.  

Join us! 

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