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Terms of use for the FEGIME Academy website

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The contents of are the intellectual property of FEGIME GmbH (hereafter 'the company') and, therefore, are protected by German copyright laws and relevant international agreements. The company has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of its website and assumes no liability for any errors, omission or other unintentional inaccuracies. Though the content of this website is updated on a regular basis, errors or inaccuracies may arise between updates. Any such errors or omissions are corrected by the company whenever they are identified. Please note that visitors and registered users of this website use the services offered at their own risk and initiative. They also assume the responsibility of verifying any information provided by third parties.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright)

The contents of this website, including but not limited to the trademark and logo, are the intellectual property of FEGIME GmbH and are protected by relevant domestic and international laws. The company reserves all rights, title and interest in and to this property. The modification, publication, transfer, reproduction or any other use of the website content in any manner or by any means without the prior express written consent of the company is prohibited. The content is made available to website visitors and registered users for noncommercial personal purposes and its use by third parties for commercial purposes is prohibited. The products or services of third-party companies, affiliated partners or other organizations listed on the website and all related logos or trademarks are the exclusive intellectual property of their respective owners.


Privacy Policy

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Data Protection
Welcome to our website and your interest for our company! Protection of personal data is a very important matter for us. We want you to feel save while navigating on our website.
In the following we explain which data we collect and how we use it.
You can find our contact info and contact of our security administrator in the imprint.

Your  Rights
You have the right to demand full information from us regarding your personal data, correction, deletion or restriction according to legal guidelines. We provide your data in a common, structured and machine-readable format. In case we use your data with your previous permission, for example if you register for our newsletter, you can withdraw your permission at any time. From the date of your withdrawal we don´t use your data for this purpose anymore.
In case we pursue a legitimate interest to process your data, you can formulate an objection. Besides that you can contact responsible supervisory authority at any time.

Right of Objection
In case we process your personal data on the basis of legal interest, you have the right to formulate an objection against it insofar as you have reasons resulting from your specific situation.
If the objection is legal we don´t further process your data.

Deletion of Data
As far as your data is not required anymore for mentioned purposes, they get deleted.
Please note that in the process of deletion data is blocked first before being finally deleted, to avoid accidental deletion or intentional damage. For technical reasons data is duplicated in backup files and service copies. Such copies will also be deleted with some time delay for technical reasons.

Contact Form
If you submit an inquiry via our contact form on the website, we process your transmitted data to be able to answer your request. A long-term storage of data only follows if your inquiry requires such. Otherwise your data is being deleted after 6 months latest.

Provision of our Website
To enable the function of our website your data, which is transmitted by your browser, is being processed during your visit.
This includes your IP-address, date, time of the request, time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), content of your request (specific page), access status /HTTP status code, respective transmitted volume of data, website that places the inquiry, browser, operating system and its surface as well as language and version of the browser software.

To make our website user-friendly we use so-called “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your hard disk assigned to the respective browser that you use. Specific information is transmitted to the location that places the cookie (in this case us).
Cookies are used to optimize user friendliness on our website and to enable the functions that you request. As far as we use the cookies also for other purposes, we explain here in our data protection guidelines what we use them for.
You can place specific pre-settings for cookies in your browser, prohibit or delete placed cookies. We want to inform you, that you probably won´t be able to use all services on our website without cookies.
As far as cookies are placed from third parties on this site, you will find further information within the services implemented here.

Transmission of Data
We only transmit information to third parties within the limits described in this Data Protection Declaration.